2004.04.11 Urumqi, China

I Spy!

The davidwong.com Spy Hunt has resulted in a tie. Readers were evenly split between the Japanese Girls and Ivy-League graduate students.

Ivy-League Graduate Students 17% WINNER!

Nepotistically cast ballots assisted the Ivy-League students in arriving at their shared victory. As I laid out no rules, I accepted all votes. Some people even sent in multiple entries, all of which were tabulated.

Japanese Girls 17% WINNER!

Despite the Bond-girl associations (a la P. Galore) of a name such as Dildar, it's actually one of the most common Uighur names. My dictionary defines it as "a beautiful woman". I think it literally means "keeper of the heart" or something to that effect.

Adila 11%

Something to note indeed: Adila seems to have gone underground since I posted the initial entry on this topic. Perhaps her superiors told her to abort the mission once her cover was blown.

Joyce 11%

Me 11%

    I vote to you. It seems that you are an employable spy

  1. After every accident happened, you always analyzed them and gave some integration opinions.
  2. You traved to everywhere of this world, even include Cuba and Afghanistan, are you collecting some important information for your organization?
  3. You are good at puzzling people even if somebody doubt you.
  4. You know a lot of things, include many different languages, that's a good skill to be a spy.
  5. You always keep yourself away from people and refuse to show your real mind, are there too many political secrets in your heart?
This voter neglected my other obvious indicators of espionage involvement, such as multiple passports and Swiss bank accounts.

Nisagul 11%

Everybody 11%

Nobody 6%

Farmer Boy 6%

Mr. Nebraska is still extremely reclusive. I'm suspecting more and more that he must be in league with the Korean Missionaries. Whether it's for intelligence or Christ that they've come is yet the question.
Many thanks to all who aided in the spy detection process. In recognition of his ability as Master Spy, Princeton Paul has been cordially invited to Chez Wong tonight for congratulatory smoking of the hookah, and sipping of gin and tonics.