Best-Laid Plans

August 11, 2008

Everything turned completely upside-down this afternoon.

Until a few hours ago, my plans in the immediate, upcoming months were fairly well laid-out:

I would fly to Chicago this Wednesday. Over that time I would visit with friends in the Chicago area but spend my time mostly with Grampa and Aunt Kathy. After a couple weeks, I'd fly back to Asia, take a several weeks catching up with friends, then attend weddings of relatives in Hong Kong. Come mid-autumn, I would fly back to Chicago to pull a shift caring for Grampa in his home for several weeks. In 2009, I'd move up to Vancouver--my green card would certainly be ready by then.

That timeline can't work as I planned. This afternoon I received two pieces of news that change everything:

I'm not sure which has hit me harder: the immediate events of the loss of my grandfather and a funeral to attend, or the fact that the direction I had mapped out will have to be put on hold for at least a year.