Réglisse & chocolat aux noisettes

English (Left) Obscured
by French (Right)
February 24, 2014

Marzipan, salted licorice, and chocolate bars embedded with chunks of filberts--that's what I brought home after an evening at Ikea spent with Professor Gwen.

Neither of us had gone there to shop for furniture (or for European sweets, for that matter.) It was just a convenient place where we could meet to catch up over plates of meatballs and glasses of lingonberry juice in their café.

While shopping for sweets to take home after dinner I noticed what must have been somebody's not so subtle act of defiance:

Printed descriptions on the shelf beneath each item stated price, ingredients, country of origin, and other related details. For every product there were two printed strips identical but for language. Each was duplicated in English and French.

Beneath every single product on all of the shelves somebody had taken the time to go throughout the marketplace to slip the English version beneath the French version, masking the version en anglais.

Well, vive le Québec libre!