Nuit Blanche III

March 1, 2014

To keep the crowds warm out in the streets there were stations of smoky firewood burning in large, steel barrels set up throughout downtown. Art exhibitions and video installations were being staged every few steps. DJ's spun their choice of dance music pumping out bass so strong I could feel the beat thumping in my chest even standing several blocks from the stage. Food and drink stalls offered quick sustenance and booze to keep the city partying through the night.

I'm in Montréal on Nuit Blanche for a third consecutive year. Back when I first happened to be in Montréal a couple years ago I was on the verge of moving not here but to Québec City. Though I do live in Montréal now it's been for only half a year. It's only by odd coincidence that I've seen three consecutive Nuit Blanche festivals.

It was fun to see the city come alive in mid-winter with so many people out in the streets. There were parents pushing strollers, elderly couples taking a glass of wine at the SAQ tent, and teenagers jumping in time to rave music in Place-des-Arts. Me, I decided to make an early evening of this one. I have to wake up in just a few hours to catch a bus out of town.

Spring break runs through this next week. I'll be heading down to Washington, D.C. to call on friends around town and have a break from Montréal. I'll be travelling along a route new to me stringing together very inexpensive bus tickets (under $50 USD, return) connecting in New York City and Burlington, Vermont. I'm curious to explore the latter--Burlington sounds like a small town that's held on to character and charm--but a place I've never visited, before.

This semester and life in-general in Montréal have both been going along well. But, at the midway point, I'm ready for a break and a getaway from all the snow and cold.

Next stop: Burlington, Vermont.