Fixed Survey

Playing Spoons: Myhanh,
Greg, Tai, and Mai Linh
Seattle, USA
May 27, 2014

I played card games with Greg's kids this evening. We started with a special deck of cards I had borrowed from Jen, "Slapjak," that bore kitschy images of the "Galactic Force for Good" versus the "Earl of Evil". The kids took to the game right away. As I expected, they were far quicker than I was and I ultimately lost.

Greg joined in later for a few rounds of another game based on quick reaction time: Spoons. After it came time to go to bed Tai made an attempt to prolong the fun. He asked his father whether everybody could stay up to watch a movie. The answer was unsurprisingly, no. I was impressed that Tai then chose to re-voice his request in writing. He took a sheet of blank paper and wrote out a response survey with fixed outcome.

Can We Please Watch a Movie
At top read:

"Can We Please Watch a Movie"

Below were checkboxes for responses, all of which bore one sole option: "Y".

One was far larger than the rest. That one had its "yes" option pre-selected.

If it were up to me I might have been tempted by the ingenuity of the request. But, I don't have to put the kids to bed every night and get them ready for school the next day. Greg told Tai it was time to brush his teeth and change into pajamas.