Advance Nostalgia IV

Unmelted Snow Below,
Grafitti Mural Above
QUÉBEC, Canada
April 23, 2013

All the signs are out: The joggers circling through their paces. The Frisbee players back out on the field. The school uniform reverted to pleated, plaid skirts. Winter is in its last throes and I am happy to see its back.

Busker outside
Église Saint-Roch
Days are bright and a touch warm. Temperatures still hover around freezing overnight. Not every heaped-up block of snow has yet melted off. But they'll all have to by end of week--barring some bizarre, belated cold snap.

Seeing people out on the streets in force on a sunny day made me certain I'd made the right decision to stay on into August. I'd been wavering between spending summer in Asia or staying here in Québec City for additional French grammar courses. Had I opted for the former, I'd be leaving in about a week. My present writing course wraps up, Thursday.

Instead, I'm going to linger and really soak up the language and atmosphere. This city is vibrant and alive no matter the season--but especially so in summer.