Bright Nights: Stanley Park
December 23, 2012

What's the conversation like when you get together with your longest-standing friend? Even when you're engaged in constant new activities together it falls into a lot of reminiscing:

"Can you scan that class photo you have from back when we were 7 and e-mail it to me... ?"

"Sad news about our teacher from middle school last year, wasn't it... "

"That math teacher we had together in high school couldn't have truly been that clueless, could she? She was probably just a lousy teacher because she couldn't handle kids, not because she wasn't aware of what-all was going on. Remember that time when... "

"Oh, they have roasted chestnuts here at the park! Can I buy you a bag? Do you remember what the chestnut vendor told us when I spirited you off to Paris unannounced? I didn't speak French back then. But you did. You translated that he said he was, 'Selecting the perfect chestnuts just for us.' God, we couldn't have been much older than 19, then... "

"Yeah. That must have been over that period of several years when we weren't talking with each other... "

"When was it you last drove me back down from Vancouver to Seattle? That's right, it was when I ran that errand up here to take care of my paperwork... "

Kim & David
Hide Under Hoods
"Weird that I last saw you in this same country half-a-year ago. But it was on the opposite coast and it was all in French... "

"Now it's you who's the one ice skating and speaking French? It's like the me you knew at 18... "

"J'avais pu y arrivais... "

Thankfully, Kim and I don't have to speak exclusively in the past perfect. With this current visit we've built up more memories I imagine we'll look back on and further reminisce over one day: