Free Concert

Juste Pour Rire:
Place des Arts
July 23, 2015

"What! 'Weird Al' Yankovic is giving a free show tomorrow in Place des Arts? Oh, I am definitely going," I said in true excitement.

It was utter chance that I even heard about the concert. Word of mouth from a friend at a pub quiz who mentioned an upcoming show she'd seen her friend RSVP to on Facebook was the only reason I knew the concert was happening. Nerdy as being a fan of "Weird Al" may be, I loved his musical parodies as a kid. I still do. This was not be the first show of his I've attended. It's just the first one I haven't had to pay any money to get into.

"Weird Al" Yankovic:
Live in Montréal
It is ironic that I paid for a 10-day festival pass to see concert upon concert back in Québec City... and the show that I was most excited to attend was a free one the day after I rolled back into Montréal.